Good morning –

Heard the news today
And is it only now dawning
On the masses –

Blood stained pages
Shots fired, more blasts

In the name of a book
That none of them have read

They wreak havoc on the books
The innocent here have bled

Wake up
It’s nothing but another
Good mourning

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take your broken a$$ home

each day will break you
in a million different ways

but you aren’t as fragile as you feel

each day will take you
in a thousand different directions

hold onto the moment, get a chance to steal

a dance with the wind
into the arms of mother nature

waiting to nurture you back to


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our hour

Someday if the silence
Spirals out of control
And into chaos

I shall call you;
The loudest whisper
Carried on the tension
Of a thousand thoughts

I shall call you
So you can whisper
Sweet nothings
Into icy air
Stale and lonely

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khoda hafez

Wading through water
Knee deep, lukewarm
Jeans rolled up
Past her thighs

The pre-sunset sunlight
Shimmers off
The droplets of fresh
Perspiration on her shoulders

The haunted ebb and flow
Of dark and mysterious waters
Holding her

And what was she holding onto
But this weak anchor
Of small talk
And broken promises

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sweep me away

place your hands
upon my eyes,
take my hand

lift me up, far

lace your fingers

wrap me up
in arms
that speak

the words unspoken

arms which may
seal up the cracks
that only the moonlight
has seen

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I kept all the words,
Every single one you said

Some of them a gift,
Some as heavy as lead

I kept all the words,
I wrapped them in gold

I thought I might need them
When the winds would go cold

I sift through the words,
Every single one you said

They ricochet and they resonate
Off the walls of my head

At once I believed them,
These words that were said

But I see that they bewitched me
To believe something else

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The lone woman
Sits on the highest mountain peak
She has found

The climb
Though perilous
Provided her little

She sits on the peak
On a rocking chair
She has built
Out of promises and stone

Others seek to join
But few
Make the climb

And those who do,
She fashions them
Rocking chairs of a similar variety

But little by little,
They cut her down

And little by little
Her smiles turn
Upside down

They continue to cut
She continues to drown

But the last time they cut her,
she bleeds no more

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